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Digital Indirect Bonding

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Digital Indirect Bonding

Easy Bond ® is a digitally planned treatment system for the 3D indirect bonding of braces. Virtual planning of the bracket positions is performed in advance. Later, with the help of the innovative tray, the brackets are positioned quickly and accurately into the patient’s mouth.

In conventional orthodontic treatment, “fixed braces” are attached individually and, in most cases, manually to the patient’s teeth without a pre-planned treatment goal. In doing so, the practitioner has to “work towards” a treatment goal that has not yet been specified. Thanks to the indirect bonding method with INDIVIDUA®, all brackets are glued in one sitting – with maximum digital precision and thoroughly taking into account the treatment goals. This ensures a significant optimisation of workflows and bonding time. Moreover, this method also ensures greater comfort for your patients. Thanks to Easy Bond®, the usual chair time of 40 minutes is reduced to 8 minutes (for both arches).


    • 4 minutes per arch bonding time
    • Application in one or more segments
    • No composite excess around the bracket base
    • Excellent bracket stability in the tray


    • Shorter bonding visits, reducing patient fatigue
    • Easy clinical application
    • Reduced treatment time because the need for bracket repositioning is reduced

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