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Distalizer – Frog 2

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Distalizer – Frog 2

A palatal device using skeletal anchorage for the uprighting and the distalization of molars without tipping.

Frog II is the advanced version of the commonly used molar distalisation appliance from FORESTADENT. Equipped with some new features, it allows for even easier handling. Using the OrthoEasy® Pal – a specially developed palatal pin for the anchorage of orthodontic appliances in the palate – the device can be fastened in the mouth even quicker and easier than before. In the past, the abutments with the welded appliance needed to be fixed by means of a wire ligature to the inserted pins in the palate. Now, the newly designed head of the OrthoEasy® Pal remedies this. Equipped with a practical inner thread, it allows for the simple fixation of the palatal abutment by means of retaining screws. A laboratory pin, as well as an impression cap, aid the fabrication of the apparatus in the laboratory.

The Frog II has two long retention arms with a diameter of 1.5 mm each, which leave plenty of room for individualisation. Another innovation is the lock for the spring that was transferred from palatal to lingual, which makes it more accessible and visible. The appliance is activated via a spindle with a cross-hole which is equipped with a snap-function. This prevents accidental reversing.

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