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iAlign is an effective clear aligner therapy specifically created to meet the patient’s requirements and doctor’s expectations. Due to the step by step treatment philosophy, you have full control over your entire treatment plan. Aligner treatments have to be easy, efficient, predictable and have a reasonable cost. iAlign stands for all those objectives.

• Precise digital planning
The diagnostic setup is used to create a virtual design of the final out come, by digitally combining the patient’s dental information and imaging data. The final result is more predictable do to our special treatment philosophy.
• Setup Preview and approval
A link-viewer with a digital model of the patient setup is offered for review and approval. The setup proposal can be reviewed on
• Tooth Movement Evaluation
The tooth movement evaluation provides detailed information on the more significant movements presented in diagnostic set up to be reviewed and approved by the doctor (PDF report and web-viewer).
• Improved predictability through the optimized attachment system
Our attachment system is optimized to provide optimum transmission of the forces. Good adaptation of the aligners is a must in order to obtain the power transfer to the patient’s teeth. All movements will become predictable and your patients will be satisfied with the results.
• Beautiful and accessible
Using a superior aligner material and having an impressive price / performance ratio, iAlign delivers accessible aligners to more doctors and patients.

To start your iAlign treatment, we require an intraoral scan or addition silicone impressions. We will ask you to send full specifications regarding the treatment goals and your specific requirements for each patient individually.

After the “digitalization” of the models and processing the complete data, Digital Focus will perform the diagnostic setup following the doctor’s requirements. The planning proposal is sent to the doctor for review and approval.

The Diagnostic Setup will be sent by email so you can review it before the aligner production starts. Every case includes a mobile-friendly 3D diagnostic setup. You will receive an interactive 3D preview of the treatment, showing the proposed final outcome and every step progress. All IPR or attachments are mentioned at each step. You may share the 3D setup, improving the patient’s case acceptance, without having to download any expensive software. And, of course, you will not be asked to pay anything until the final treatment outcome has been approved.
After the treatment solution is confirmed, the treatment steps will be finalized and the working models will be printed. The aligners are produced, trimmed and finished to offer the best comfort for the patient.

Once you receive the aligners in your office, you may provide the patient with the starting pack and the hygiene kit. After each treatment period of 6 aligners you should take a new impression/scan for an updated patient treatment. The next aligner kit will be produced using this new information and following the initial diagnostic setup approved by the doctor and the patient. Meeting the patient every 3 months will provide you full control over the treatment and will reduce the need for additional “correction” steps.

Our specialists enjoy working digitally. Therefore, we would love to receive scans instead of impressions or stone models. Does not matter what scanner you use. For us is faster to process, so we will start working on your cases sooner. This means that you will have a happier patient!

V40 Expansion Tray

Digital Focus offers you the unique opportunity to optimise your treatment options, thanks to various add-ons that can be integrated in the aligners.
For swift transverse expansion in a short period, you can select the VECTOR®40 expansion screw that is already integrated in the aligners as part of the preliminary treatment process, prior to placing the set-up order.

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