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Insertion Guide for TADs
The use of bone anchorage has become a necessity in modern orthodontics. The success greatly depends on selecting and placing the mini-implants in an ideal bone space. Identifying the exact “spot” is critical and errors of even one millimeter may injure the adjacent roots. 3D data provide an excellent support to create a very precise surgical insertion guide for TADs.
iGuide simplifies the insertion of palatal miniscrews through its smart design and will help you expand the treatment options.


• Precise digital planning
A detailed virtual model is used to accurately design iGuide by digitally combining dental information with the patient’s lateral ceph / CBCT. This will help selecting the optimal insertion sites following the doctor’s indications.
• Parallel insertion
iGuide’s smart design guarantees a parallel insertion path for the miniscrews, which is mandatory for the fabrication of any TAD supported appliances.
• Planning review and approval
A 3D web-viewer containing a digital model of the insertion plan is available to the doctor for an easy review and approval process.
• Easy insertion
Miniscrew insertion will be easy thanks to the precision of iGuide. No hassle, no guessing anymore!
The anterior window helps the doctor insert the miniscrews without the need of a forced mouth opening (Patent Pending).
• No mistakes when inserting the TADs
We have incorporated 2 stoppers to avoid insertion mistakes. This way, you can rely on the precision of the TAD insertion. There is no way you can exceed the original positioning plan.
• Wide variety of applications
No matter what TAD-supported appliances you want to use for your patient, we can make it for you! Expansion, distalisation, mesialisation or other devices are possible.
• Cost efficiency
There is no reason to call your patient for multiple appointments anymore.
Now you can do it in just one* treatment visit!
*Please ask the laboratory representatives

6 Easy Steps

To start your iGUIDE treatment, we require two important elements:
1) intraoral scan (or impressions) and
2) Imaging documentation (lateral ceph or CBCT).
Furthermore, we will ask you to send full specifications regarding the treatment goals and your specific requirements for each patient separately. This information should be as recent as possible.
In order to design iGuide, our technicians will superimpose the dental information with the patient’s lateral ceph / CBCT, followed by the selection of the desired TAD-system from the software library. The optimal insertion sites are chosen following the doctor’s indications.
The planning proposal is sent to the doctor for review and approval. You may use any computer or phone browser.
After the doctor approves the plan, we will integrate the final features to the design and proceed to 3D printing for iGuide.
Due to iGuide’s exceptional features, you will insert the miniscrews with great precision in the pre-planned position. It will be easy and fast!
Digital Focus will manufacture the TAD-supported appliances according to the initial 3D planning and the doctor’s specific requirements.

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