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Digital Orthodontics Certification Course

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Digital Orthodontics Certification Course

Learn From An Aligner Pro!

Aligner Therapy
…A powerful market in orthodontics

The correction of tooth malocclusions with esthetically high-quality aligners has become an important part of modern orthodontic therapy, especially in the treatment of adults.

The well-proven ALIGNER system represents a convincing therapy concept and has now been extended by innovative 3D technology. DIGITAL FOCUS enables the certified orthodontist to go ahead with state-of-the-art digital aligner therapy having full control of the treatment.

He graduated Dentistry in 2004 at the University of Milan with a thesis “selfligating equipment in the context of orthognatic treatment”. Specialized in “Clinical Orthodontics” at the University of Milan in the academic year 2004/2005. Specialized in “Straight Wire and Self Ligating Methodologies for orthodontic purposes” at the University of Milan in the academic year 2005/2006.
Specialized in Orthodontics with honors in 2007 at the University of Milan with a thesis “Comparative Analysis of three methods for the identification of the orthopedic-functional treatment timing”.

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